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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a widely accepted language proficiency test that is hugely popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and America.

There is a point-based immigration system in almost all countries. The candidates who meet the minimum point score asked by the immigration authorities are considered eligible to apply for permanent residency (PR) status. In this regard, language proficiency is a major criterion of point calculation in which the test of the official languages is pertinent for selection. A good score in language proficiency can improve the selection chances of the candidate.

It checks the basic understanding of the applicant in the English language and the ability to effectively communicate in the medium by testing the – Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading skills.

There are also alternative tests for the English language which are available. For example – Canada offers the option of undertaking the CELPIP and CLB (Canada Language Benchmark) test in the place of IELTS. However, The IELTS is highly accepted at most universities and colleges as well. Thus, it is a better choice which can help the candidate with employment opportunities as well.

Free IELTS Assistance at Immipoint

Immipoint understands the importance of the IELTS exam and attaining a good score in this test. Hence, we offer free language counseling for the exam with the help of mentors who are adept in their craft and also provide material to enhance your skills.

The key to a good score in the exam is a practice under a good mentor and we at Immipoint make sure that you have that assistance at the right time. Even if you are knowledgeable and have a complete understanding of the English domain a little help never harms anyone. Our mentors are well aware of the tips and tricks that can be useful in dealing with a test of such accord.

The list of some of the services for IELTS preparation offered is –

Online Preparation portal exclusively created for Immipoint clients – you will be provided with login details to “Student area” after you sign up with us

Mentorship of experts of the English Language

The study material provided to help you practice for the test – the material is designed keeping in mind Canada and Australia immigration. There are also solved answers to the previous exam available. The aim of this study material is to help you achieve as high a score as possible

Tips and Tricks provided to increase your efficiency and band

Experts can guide you on where and when to register for the exam

Immipoint has a good past performance record in assisting the clients with the Language proficiency test and in these cases, the candidates have been able to immigrate without any hassle. With a Client-centric approach, we aim to offer you the best assistance for immigration.


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