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Post Landing Services
Post Landing Services
Once you land in a strange country, things can quickly begin to seem out of your control.

At times like this, it is important to have something familiar at hand to ground you. Small things can go a long way in making you feel at home, and this is exactly what we endeavor to do at Immipoint. Our post-landing services are designed to provide you the peace of mind you so need when you first land in a strange country.

Airport Pickup:

Imagine that awkward moment when a new immigrant arrives at the airport and he is looking for a taxi or a cab or waiting for the bus? Well, it won’t be that case when he is with Immipoint. We exclusively arrange for airport pickup services at the time of the immigrant’s arrival at the airport.

Medical Insurance:

Getting medical insurance is one of the most crucial things that every individual migration aspirant should consider taking. Medical insurance is a priority when traveling to any overseas country. Medical insurance ensures of not having to pay hefty amounts for the treatment in case one falls ill.


Worried about the stay when entering into an overseas country? Well, we have the answer to that question. We will provide the immigrant with temporary accommodation. In the meantime, while the immigrant is staying in temporary accommodation, he can look out for permanent accommodation. We also provide assistance in finding permanent accommodation.

Bank Account Assistance:

Opening a bank account in an overseas country is a difficult process; leave alone the fact that opening a bank account in one’s home country is also a hard process. Our team at Immipoint takes care of all the necessary documentation part. Further assistance will be provided at every step of opening the account.

 Exclusive Orientation:

Our exclusive orientation program is one of our flagship programs. The extensive reach of this program is effectual in providing information on issues like the transportation system, affordable shopping destinations, second-hand book stores, religious places, and much more.

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