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WES Attestation Assistance
WES Attestation Assistance
World Education Services (WES) is an organization for helping students to acquire PR (permanent resident) while traveling to foreign countries.

In simple words, it is an organization made for people to attain permanent residency to those who want to work or study in foreign countries. WES education assessment is important to compare, describe, and identify credentials gained from your home country with its Canadian equivalent.

The WES evaluation process is important for immigrating to Canada. WES document evaluation is not needed if you have completed your studies from universities or schools in Canada. We help students, immigrants, or job seekers to migrate, study, work, and do business in Canada by assisting them in completing the WES evaluation procedure. Team ImmiPoints assists the candidates to get the university verification for the World Education Services (WES) from the Universities of India and other countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia, etc. We also assist them in getting university transcripts from the respective universities for completing the WES verification process.

WES Verification Complications And Confusion


Getting WES Verification from the Universities or other educational institutions is a big challenge for the residents and non-residents, whose location is different from the University’s location. The possible solution at present for the certificate holders is to: –

·         Browse through internet to identify the documents needed by their college/university.

·         Hand over the documents to people travelling to the document issued city/State.

·         Mail all the documents over to friends or relatives living nearby the university to submit the request.

·         The applicant will have to make multiple trips to Universities/Colleges for the process.

How We Make This Process Simpler For You?

Our focus here is to make the process as simple, easy, and secure as possible, so as to save a lot of time and avoid mere waste of money. Covering most of the colleges and universities in India with our presence in almost all the major cities and states of India, the UK, USA, Australia, and Gulf, our company has the standard and speedy procedure of getting WES Verification for your documents.

Our service acts as an interface between the University and Student/Candidate seeking Verification for WES Canada and the US. The whole process is digitalized and hence it is hassle-free, fast, and secure for you. The applicant is not forced to go through repetitive regression cycles and avoid multiple trips to the university. We have a complete awareness of the protocol and the University requirements in our database. Our interaction with the university and the applicant is thus clear and accurate.

Through us, the entire process of getting Verification for WES or World Education Services is so simple. What you have to do is to make a visit to any of your nearest ImmiPoints office and submit the documents as per the requirements of University and WES or World Education Services. Within the specified duration, you will get your documents verified and forwarded to the desired address.


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