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Australia Spouse/Family
Australia – Spouse / Family Visa
As everybody wants to stay with family, you also want to bring your partner or family over to join you temporarily or permanently in Australia.

Family is a supportive network for any individual, and we at final Migration need to guarantee that your family will consistently be close. With skills in the scope of family visas, we are glad to help both local and outside applicants migrate to Australia to live with their families.

The Australian Family migration streams offer a scope of visas for qualified Australian family members to pick out. These incorporate; temporary and permanent parent visas, staying relative visas, permanent dependant relative visa, contributory parent and matured parent visas, and children visas.

Advantages of applying Spouse/Family Visa:

Work in Australia

Study in Australia

Travel to and from Australia as many times as needed

Make use of Australia’s Public health care scheme

Family’s including dependent children can be included in the application

There can be three scenarios to apply:

  1. Australian citizens or permanent residents inviting family:

    – Identify it is temporary or permanent
    – Apply for the right visa based on their intention

  • Visa holders inviting family:
    • Identify if it is going to be temporary or permanent
    • Check if your visa allows subsequent entrant and that you have previously declared the members of your family.
    • If your visa does not allow subsequent entrants, they will need to apply for a visa based on their intention.
    • Explore visa options for joining your partner or family

  • Returning Australian bringing overseas-born family: –

  • For your children, you can apply for Australian citizenship by descent on their behalf. You can apply for an Australian passport on their behalf after their citizenship application is approved. Otherwise, they will need a visa to come to Australia
  • Your partner or another family will need a visa

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