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Canada – PNP

The Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest-growing economic Canadian immigration pathway.

Under PNP, provinces and territories can address individuals and families who wish to settle in their province or territory based on criteria set by the province. Each province and territory established its own standards for provincial nomination.

After nomination, a nominee has to apply to IRCC for permanent residence. The division determines eligibility and admissibility based on IRPR and federal acceptability norms. IRCC holds authority over the last determination choice.

 Right now, there are consensual agreements with 11 jurisdictions regarding PNP administration.

The program emphasizes attracting skilled international talent to Canadian provinces facing a talent shortage. Thousands of successful applicants have relocated and permanently settled in Canada through the PNP program. Some of the best Canadian provinces to apply to under this program are:

  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

If you are a skilled professional with experience in technology, finance, education, marketing, or healthcare, now is the perfect time to explore your options through the PNP program.

Who Can Apply

This program is made for people:

Those who have the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory.

Those who want to live in that province.

Those want to become permanent residents of Canada.

How To Apply?

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers two ways to file an application:

  • Paper-Based Process
  • Express Entry Process

 Express Entry Process:

Taking the Express Entry Pool has two pathways:

 1)      Candidates found inside the Express Entry pool

2)      Candidates found outside the Express Entry Pool

  1. Candidates found inside the Express Entry pool

PTs make use of PT portals to search candidates that exist in the Express Entry pool. The portal allows them to refine candidates based on their language levels, education, work experience, PT certificate of qualification, etc. On the other side, a candidate has to select one, multiple, or all jurisdictions when identifying PTs in which they are interested.

Notification of Interest. 

PT indicates their interest through the PT portal. A system-generated message will reflect in their online account to notify candidates that a PT would like to consider them for nomination.

 If the candidate is interested in being nominated by that PT, they are instructed to contact the PT directly i.e. outside of the Express Entry Pool, visiting the IRCC website.


PTs indicate their interest in a particular candidate through the PT portal. Candidates receive a system-generated message in their online account that – PT would like to consider them for nomination. After nomination, a candidate has 30 calendar days to accept or reject the nomination in their online account.

Candidates found outside the Express Entry Pool

PT recognizes candidates whom they feel suitable for their Express Entry PNP stream but not yet active in the Express Entry pool. PT nominates a candidate and further instruct them to submit an Express Entry profile.

Confirmation of Nomination

A nomination confirmation is created in their online account as an express entry profile which indicates that they have a PT nomination and the nominating jurisdiction.

Candidates with minimum entry criteria (MEC) for FSTP, the FSWP, or the CEC are allowed to enter the Express Entry pool. Selected candidates will receive an Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker validation code for a particular PT.

Nomination confirmation will be received in an online account. The candidate can then apply for the next eligible round of invitations, subject to that PT’s overall nomination space and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC’s) ministerial instructions for each particular round of invitations.

Pending Nomination

Candidates who are not immediately confirmed by a PT can enter into the Express Entry pool as a non-PNP candidate. PT holds the ability to confirm the nomination; However, other PTs can access and consider candidates under their Express Entry PNP streams, also they can invite candidates to apply under the federal immigration program(s)

Canceling a nomination

Cancellation of nomination is not possible in the candidate’s Express Entry profile after a nomination issued by a PT and accepted by a candidate. In case, the nominee changes their mind or the PT withdraws the nomination after acceptance, the candidate needs to cancel their Express Entry profile and create a new profile in their online account.

Frequently asked Questions

There are few things that someone getting a PNP should keep in mind, people getting through PNP has to stay the initial couple of years in the same province.